Research Laboratories

Central and Multipurpose Laboratories:

National Institutes of Science and Technology – INCT:

EMBRAPII Laboratories:

ANP Accredited Laboratories:

  • Click here to see the R&D institutions accredited in the Research and Development Investment System – SIPED.

INMETRO Accredited Testing and Calibration Laboratories (RBLE and RBC):

  • Click here to search the accredited Testing Laboratories (Brazilian Network of Testing Laboratories – RBLE).
  • Click here to search the accredited Calibration Laboratories (Brazilian Network of Calibration – RBC).

Institutional Committee of Biosafety (CIBio) – Laboratories:

  • Click here for a list of UFSC facilities authorized to develop activities containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


Laboratories by academic units: 

The Laboratories listed here are not restricted to research laboratories. Teaching and outreach laboratories are also included, as long as they develop research activities. The content provided is the responsibility of the Schools, according to the Circular Letter no. 1/2021/SP/PROPESQ. This list is updated according to information sent by the Schools’ Deans to